What is the TM technique?

We have described the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program and its benefits throughout this website but here is a simple condensed description. TM is a simple natural  effortless self-development technique that allows the mind to settle inward, beyond thinking, to experience pure awareness—the most silent and peaceful level of the mind, the innermost Self. The TM technique was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi over 60 years ago, and has been learned by more than six million people. The TM for Nurses outreach began in 2009 to bring this evidence-based self care practice to nurses and nursing students across the US.

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What can you expect from learning this technique?

Transcendental Meditation provides a deep restorative rest to the mind and body—significantly deeper than ordinary relaxation, as shown by indicators including reduced cortisol and plasma lactate (major barometers of stress). The profound psychological and physiological balance gained in each sitting of the TM technique allows the elimination of emotional, mental and physical stress.

More than 435 peer-reviewed studies and scientific reviews have shown that regular TM practice produces a broad range of benefits such as decreased stress and stress-related diseases including heart disease and stroke; a decline in depression and anxiety;  improved memory,  focus and productivity; and more fulfilling relationships.

In addition to learning the TM technique with its many benefits, nurses can earn 23.25 contact hours for the course. (except CA)

This nursing continuing professional development activity was approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Approved to award 23.25 contact hours

Perfect for nurses

Nurses who have learned the TM technique have reported that, despite formidable challenging schedules, adding the twice-daily 20 minute TM practice to their routine more than makes up for the time it takes to meditate. Aside from restoring energy, calm and well-being, the TM practice creates a safe haven within that cannot be replicated in the outside world.

“My life has been opened up to some amazing new ways of coping. I no longer have a craving for alcohol on a nightly basis. I have the ability to relax without it. On nights that I have trouble sleeping I no longer reach for my melatonin. The biggest of all is that I am slowly kicking my stress eating.”

AL, RN, New Jersey

“It has only been around a month of doing the TM technique twice daily and I’m pretty astonished by the difference in me already. I wish I had been doing this my whole life, but better late than never. I’ve been a nurse for around 27 years. I began to feel burned out, depressed, anxious and avoidant especially when I was working in the ICU. I’m now a hospice nurse case manager and I am with my patients and their families for the whole journey up to the last. Obviously, there are rewards!  But the truth is I’ve carried the grinding anxiety—with cycling sadness or complete avoidance and trapped feeling—off and on for years through all of it. Now, here I am, one month into meditating and I’m feeling calmer, grounded, and not despairing about the realities I am exposed to daily. I’m truly able to think better and function better. Wow!”

Denise Fortin RN

When you meet with a TM  teacher for an introduction to the program, they will explain the mechanics of the TM technique and answer your questions

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