Ready, Set, Go: A Mini Manual for Work Re-Entry

It can be tough to return to work or school after your summer vacation or after any leave. Switching gears can be difficult, especially when it is necessary to make up for “lost time.” And

A Nurse’s Story: Four Months of TM

I had heard of Transcendental Meditation (TM) as a teenager in the 70’s, but didn’t know much about it. Then, several months ago, during a particularly difficult time, I began searching for a stress reduction

Creating Favorable Conditions in Orlando

In October, just before Hurricane Matthew threatened Orlando, Florida, the organizers of the annual Magnet conference—the most prestigious and highly attended nursing conference in the USA—invited us to speak on the benefits of the TM

Nurses Need Nourishing Too

I just learned a new term: “compassion fatigue.” This is what nurses, professional caregivers and first responders experience when they’re too tired, too sad and too stressed to feel normal compassion for their patients. It’s also known as secondary traumatic stress (STS) and is characterized by a gradual lessening of compassion over time.

Having watched many nurses in action during my parents’ multiple short hospital stays for stroke and pneumonia, I’ve been amazed at the quality of care and comfort that most hospital staff give every day, 24/7.

Good News! Continuing Education Hours for Nurses

Just in time to celebrate the New Year, the American Holistic Nurses Association has approved education “contact hours” for nurses for taking the course of instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique (at a special discounted medical professionals fee) from a certified TM teacher in any state except California and Iowa.

I believe that this is a great leap forward in AHNA offerings to enhance a practitioner’s capacity. Most education hours involve gaining more clinical knowledge or skill, but learning the TM technique will unfold the practitioner’s mental and physical potential enabling her to expand her skill set and comprehension more easily. It will increase intelligence, creativity, focus, energy, good health and stamina while reducing fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression. As health professionals, we can feel secure in the knowledge that all of these benefits are verified by extensive, published, peer-reviewed research.

An Antidote to Nursing Stress: The Transcendental Meditation Technique

I am one of those people who knew by age five that I wanted to be a nurse. My idol was my aunt — a 1950s registered nurse, looking crisp and competent in her white uniform, going off to work in a large, brick, city hospital. She was confident and caring, and I knew that the people she touched would heal.

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