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An Interview with Research Pioneer Dr. Catherine Aquino-Russell, RN, MN, PhD

Canadian researcher Dr. Aquino-Russell has been the driving force and co-author of four unique publications on the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation program for nurses and nursing students. Q: Catherine, what inspired you to become a nurse? Even as a young person, I was always looking after my siblings or friends, especially when they were not feeling well. I loved spending […]

What Happens in the Brain During Transcendental Meditation: Nurse Meka Schurr on Alcoholism, Depression and ADHD

AMY: Thank you for speaking with us today. I know that, as a nurse, you are very busy and we appreciate your taking the time to answer a few important questions. You’ve mentioned that you have suffered from symptoms of ADHD, alcohol over-consumption, and depression in the past. I’d like to start with a few minutes […]

Why Hospitals Should Pay for Nurses to Learn TM

Nurses make life and death decisions almost daily, rotate shifts, and are under constant time pressure and staffing challenges. These can lead to stress and distress, burnout (30 – 49% of nurses report a level of stress and exhaustion sufficient to qualify as high burnout), a potential health crisis among nurses, resulting in an increase […]

Good News! Continuing Education Hours for Nurses

Just in time to celebrate the New Year, the American Holistic Nurses Association has approved education “contact hours” for nurses for taking the course of instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique (at a special discounted medical professionals fee) from a certified TM teacher in any state except California and Iowa.

I believe that this is a great leap forward in AHNA offerings to enhance a practitioner’s capacity. Most education hours involve gaining more clinical knowledge or skill, but learning the TM technique will unfold the practitioner’s mental and physical potential enabling her to expand her skill set and comprehension more easily. It will increase intelligence, creativity, focus, energy, good health and stamina while reducing fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression. As health professionals, we can feel secure in the knowledge that all of these benefits are verified by extensive, published, peer-reviewed research.

An Antidote to Nursing Stress: The Transcendental Meditation Technique

I am one of those people who knew by age five that I wanted to be a nurse. My idol was my aunt — a 1950s registered nurse, looking crisp and competent in her white uniform, going off to work in a large, brick, city hospital. She was confident and caring, and I knew that the people she touched would heal.

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