Scripps Magnet Program Supports Self Care for Nurses: An ED Nurses Story

I have been an RN at Scripps for 33 years and I can’t think of working anywhere else now. But there was a time when the stress in the ED felt so overwhelming that I would leave work in tears many days. Then when I heard Dr Mimi Guarneri (Cardiology) speak at a conference in 2014, she said “Transcendental Meditation will change your life!”, and I just about fell out of my chair because I needed my life to change! Could practicing this thing called “TM” really help me? I wanted to find out, so I learned this evidenced based technique a few weeks later. The improvement in my life shot straight through the roof!

Because TM decreased my stress significantly, I am better able to think clearly at work. I am more resilient and my reaction to stress has really improved. I no longer feel defensive and I am much happier. When I come across a problem at work, I don’t feel like complaining – I find solutions to the problem. I believe TM is the perfect tool for me as it has enhanced my job performance and job satisfaction. Just ask my Manager Rose Colangelo RN about how much my engagement in my job has improved!

I learned Transcendental Meditation to help with my stress at work, and because Scripps La Jolla Magnet hospital is so aware of the importance of self care for nurses, I feel supported in my TM practice, and am even able to do my meditation on a break at work in one of the quiet rooms. I love my job now and I feel that I have many more years to contribute to Scripps!

I know there are many avenues for self care. Transcendental Meditation works for me.

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